It’s ALL about the bonds! Just as many companies do, Athena Hair Extensions uses the best quality 100% human Remy hair on the market, but our bonds are different. Our extensions go in easy, and are removable without a tool! We use a gentle remover that quickly turns the bond into dust allowing them to easily slide out without damaging the wearer's natural hair.  Our mission is to deliver a quality product that looks good and feels great while promoting healthy hair growth and maintaining the integrity of the wearers natural hair. 

We are committed to making sure the client has the best hair extension experience possible by educating and certifying each and every Athena Hair Extensions Specialist.We help stylists master their trade and teach them how to build a successful business within the world of hair extensions. We believe in creating an environment that attracts the “Best of the Best” -- the best educators, the best stylists, and the best client experiences.